APRIL 16, 2024

What’s Needed To Make Tough Decisions?

It’s time to get intentional about your current and future states.

Your past decisions got you to your current state. That’s the meaning of karma. What you’ve been, where you’ve gone, what you’ve said…all intertwined to put you where you are at this moment.

You get intentional by non-judgmentally acknowledging and accepting what worked and what didn’t.

When you can be present with what is, you are in a better position to examine the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Your future state becomes attainable when you’re intentional. I tell myself every day that the universe aligns with a made-up mind.

Here’s what I’m intentional about:

  1. Being positively dissatisfied, like “I’m dissatisfied with this, but it doesn’t take me out!”

  2. Not trying to shortcut it by taking the easy route

  3. Getting super clear about the results I want and what needs to be done to get there

A quick story to illustrate this…

While managing a large division, a client was in the process of assessing underdeveloped talent in her organization when she quickly realized that the organization needed to create additional roles and bring in more talent than originally planned.

In my work with her, it came out that she lacked vision and the team wasn’t clear about where they were going. We decided to make this her “from” or “past” state.

In discussing our current state, we talked about vision, the team’s capabilities and skills, and the gaps. She was brutally honest about putting the operational needs first, and (as much as she liked many of her employees), the structure and staffing second.

What emerged was a future state vision of being best in class. She realized she needed to establish a few critical roles and fill them with experienced talent. She moved a few people into new roles. She also knew that she would have to let go of some of the underperforming talent who were holding back the team.

This was a difficult decision, without which, both she and her team would not have been able to do what the organization was asking of her, let alone become best in class.

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