HR Support

HR Support

The full range of HR services, through the lens of equity

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OAIB offers strategy, consultation and on-call support for the full range of HR functions across the entire employee lifecycle.

Today’s human resource challenges can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone

We bring the experience, procedures, and training to help you succeed in today’s ever-changing environment.

HR Support Services

HR Strategy


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Learning & Development

Performance Management

Employee Relations

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Organization Development
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Change Management

Culture & Belonging

HR Training & Capacity


-Step Process


Assess the
challenges, and
root causes.


solutions to
meet your
needs, on your


Enact the plan, track
metrics, and report

Multiple Ways To

Partner With OAIB

1 Project-based engagements, such as recruiting
for an open position, or implementing an annual evaluation process.
2 Consulting retainers (monthly banked hours) to address organizational issues, often for large issues or crisis management.
3 Staffing augmentation including in-house HR managers to support the day-to-day, partnered with a SPOC.

HR Support Services

Bringing decades of HR experience, we can supplement and enhance your team with end-to-end HR support services covering all aspects of the employee lifecycle


Create a culture and behaviors that align with your purpose, values, goals, and culture.

SWOT analysis
Establish goals, objectives, and strategic action steps
Facilitate meetings, processes, or stretch conversations
Create executive summary and strategic plan


Attract and hire the most diverse and qualified professionals in your industry.

Ensure fair and equitable hiring practices
Create job descriptions and placements process
Review, analyze, screen resumes, and conduct or support interviews
Check references and conduct background checks
Create offer letters


Develop, motivate, and retain employees with cost-effective training, tools, and opportunities to advance their careers.

Assess and identify learning opportunities and training needs
Create and deliver workshops, online learning, and coaching
Establish or upgrade training programs
Create personalized ways for employees to acquire relevant skills, such as knowledge sharing
Measure and track training effectiveness and organizational impact
Facilitate succession planning, preparing for future staffing needs
Strategically maximize talent by hiring the right people and exploring hidden talent


Align employees’ skills, knowledge, competency, and attitude with personal and organizational goals.

Assess needs analysis
Define a strategy that aligns with business goals and objectives
Provide a wide range of training, including coaching and leadership development
Build capabilities across the entire organization
Create/Change/Implement L&D policies and company standards


Increase employee output while boosting employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and improving employee wellbeing.

Create definitions and communication plans around roles, expectations, and success measures
Collaborate with a high level of transparency
Train managers and staff on how to conduct feedback check-ins and both informal and formal reviews
Create and implement recognition programs
Compare present performance vs. potential for future performance
Provide training on eliminating unconscious social and cognitive biases in employee evaluation criteria and processes.
Recommend software to track and deliver evaluation/feedback


Ensure policies, practices, and procedures are appropriate, effective, and properly enforced, so as to maintain a positive working relationship between the organization and employees.

Audit company’s Employee Handbook with an equity lens, specifically regarding policies, practices, procedures, and supporting documentation
Understanding where behaviors don’t align with policies
Corporate and individual communications
Provide conflict resolution for organizational issues
Train, create and manage Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)
Investigate employee relations cases, and consult on risk mitigation strategies and issues


Reward and motivate staff for their contributions.

Review employee compensation programs
Research and negotiate benefits plans
Design and implement employee compensation structures
Address pay inequities
Identify and adequately compensate critical talent


Enhance organizational strategy, structure, culture, and processes, to improve organizational effectiveness.

Conduct organizational needs assessment and analysis
Create strategic action plans
Provide training based on needs
Create or update policies and procedures
Make organizational structure recommendations (Simple/Flat, Matrix, Network, etc.)
Recommend people and cultural changes
Advice on remote, dispersed, and virtual teams
Identify socio-cultural blindspots, biases, and other equity considerations


Mitigate, prepare, and manage the negative effects of change.

Perform readiness assessments
Provide communication planning and strategies
Provide training and resistance management
Solicit and manage employee feedback
Facilitate stakeholder engagement
Recommend organization design and management strategies
Reinforce messaging


Create an environment where everyone can be themselves while contributing to common objectives.

Assess beliefs, interpersonal skills, management, culture, policies, practice, & procedures (using Spectra Diversity Assessments)
Provide racial equity assessments
Provide DEIB and racial equity training
Provide leadership coaching and training


Increase your HR team’s effectiveness and impact.

Assess HR department capabilities
Provide coaching and training for the HR function
Staff augmentation, including consulting and project management (such as updating employee handbooks, creating job descriptions, training staff, implementing systems, conducting an assessment, etc.)

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