JANUARY 16, 2024

How To Clean Up A Toxic Work Environment

What’s required of leaders to clean up a toxic workplace?

Here’s our simple-to-understand, but difficult-to-implement formula that we use with our consulting engagements:

  1. Commit to the heavy lift of true change
  2. Support the people you charged with leading the change
  3. Be unafraid to lose talent who aren’t a good fit

Bottom line: own your reality, including what you allowed up to this point.

If you don’t say to everyone in your organization, “No more, not again, and here’s what I’m taking responsibility for…” then nothing else will be heard.

I had a client tell me her team was a huge problem, so she was cleaning house.

The team’s reaction was, “No one told us we weren’t meeting the mark! Where is this coming from?”

I said, “When people don’t know their shit doesn’t stink, and you didn’t hold your nose, what do you expect?”

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