JANUARY 17, 2023

What Does Leading With Humanity Mean?

“Leading and humanity is a partnership. It takes the best part of ourselves, our diverse backgrounds, our distinct gifts, and merges them together to compliment each other.” – Lolly Daskall

Can you see how leadership has changed?

For years leaders were taught to show no down feelings, hide vulnerabilities, and always know the answer.

The best leaders of today are different.

We know that psychological safety enables authenticity and is critical to building an effective team. When people can be open and honest about themselves and their needs, they become more productive and stay on the job longer.

However, for employees to bring their authentic selves to work, leadership has to first create an environment where it’s OK to do so.

This path to this is walked by leaders who themselves are authentic, not hiding half of who they are or keeping everyone at arm’s length.

How can any of your employees be expected to be authentic if you aren’t?

This is a hard message for seasoned leaders who have grown accustomed to compartmentalizing their lives.

If this is you, don’t feel bad. It’s been our culture for a long time.

It’s just time to change.

Instead of separating yourself to establish authority, the solution to being a great leader today is to lead with humanity.

What Is Leading With Humanity?

Leading with humanity means being compassionate, empathetic, and respectful to everyone.

At the heart of your leadership style is curiosity, that unassuming quality that helps us better understand ourselves and each other.

In order to motivate individuals to do their best work, we have to know what makes them tick and what holds them back.

That will require investing in relationships, which starts with opening yourself up.

You get what you give.

Leading with humanity takes into account a person’s background so you can understand how the individual might approach a situation, frame a solution, or contribute an idea.

It means understanding and considering a person’s circumstances, experiences, and individual identity before you speak.

And such leaders don’t judge anyone for their life’s challenges or shortcomings.

Leading with humanity means relating to people as humans instead of as a means to an end and recognizing we’re all on a journey.

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