MAY 10, 2024

Manage Your Energy To Avoid Burnout

Does burnout deplete your energy, or are you burned out because you’ve lost your energy?


To me, burnout is about energy depletion, and with so much being asked of us right now, work is exhausting.

I feel you.

We want to make the right shifts, to support our employees where they are, but we can’t take care of them if we’re exhausted ourselves.

Here’s some of the advice I give my executive coaching clients.

First, I tell leaders you are entitled to the same coaching, the same right to exercise, and all of the same things that you give to your employees.

  • If you’re asking your staff to give more grace, ask them to give it to you!
  • If you’re asking your staff to breathe, then you do the same
  • If you’re asking people to hold crucial conversations, have them yourself. (They really do make things better, and let you relieve the stress you’re carrying around).

Second, use your resources!

Talk to your mentors, therapists, and coaches. Get out what you’re holding in, constructively.

Remember your personal mission and align with it.

Third, but most importantly, take time off.

It’s OK to rest and recharge. In fact, it’s crucial to maintain energy over the long haul. Running an organization is a marathon, not a sprint.

I promise you, whatever problems you face, they’ll be waiting for you when you come back because ain’t nobody goin’ around picking up other people’s problems.

And while you’re off, find your source of energy, and anchor yourself in it.

Reflect on what you’re going to do differently when you re-enter the ring, not just to be more effective, but to maintain your energy…and sanity.

If you need help finding your source of energy or aligning your work and life, check out our coaching program. We’re here for you.