OCTOBER 17, 2023

 “I” Is For Inclusion

As DEIB continues to be order weaponized, we are getting farther and farther away from unity, which is what many misguided people want.

The Weaponization of DEIB is hurtful in so many ways, and unfortunately, that is some people’s intent.

“I” in DEIB stands for inclusion, and this means people of the dominant culture as well.

People in the dominant culture will question DEIB work if they don’t feel included or unless the work is seen as good for the whole organization rather than a select few.

The weaponization of DEIB occurs when the dominant culture feels fear.

And that weaponization further harms underrepresented people and organizations alike.

If underrepresented people begin to silently quit, taking more mental health days, or spending more time on job seeker websites, you know you have work to do.

When someone feels unsafe, they “go to silence or verbal violence.” Watch for the signs, from all people in your organization.

In the end, we all lose when DEIB work is weaponized because no one is feeling seen or heard, so we turn our backs on each other.

If this continues, the abundance of talent among People of Color in our organizations will be lost, and both individuals and our country will suffer.

When done well, DEIB actually sparks curiosity and helps people accept each other as human beings who are in different circumstances. By recognizing differences, we learn to communicate in more effective, productive ways.

As a DEIB practitioner, you are uniquely positioned to help all people grow, heal our racial divide, and create workplaces where all can thrive. Let us know if you need support.