DECEMBER 13, 2022

Reverse Mentoring Opens The Door For Change

With four generations in the workplace, organizations have a unique opportunity.

While wisdom comes with age, there’s something else that today’s leaders need to recognize…Millennials and Gen Z have valuable insight (and expectations) about your company’s culture.

It’s time for leaders to have real conversations that give voice to the younger generations.

Here’s my challenge to you, leaders.

Create an internal Board of Young Advisors (BYA). Only include Millennials and Gen Z employees.

Start by asking them one question:

If this company had a blank slate with no ingrained culture, what would it look like under your leadership?

Reverse Mentoring

Leaders, you know that your Gen Z employees have grown up with friends of all ethnicities.

They’re accustomed to multiracial environments. Their lives have less of the Black and White divide that Boomers and even Gen Y employees were raised with.

Your Board of Youth Advisors can provide deep insights, unlocking the keys to culture and competitiveness.

Wouldn’t you like to know what the next generation of your organization’s managers and leaders thinks about:

  • What could make our culture better?
  • What would make this company a place I would refer a friend to?
  • What would make this company a destination employer for young talent?
  • What would you eliminate from our company’s culture?
  • What biases’ do you see, that I don’t, perpetuated in this organization?

Get Ahead of the Problem

As our younger generations come into the workforce, they are taught the racial divide. This means that Millennials and Gen Z people are seeing the paradigm of “dominant and minority” play out, maybe for the first time, at work. At your organization.

A BYA is your opportunity to listen and learn from your younger employees, how to be diverse, inclusive, and equitable while creating a culture of belonging.

We’re here to help. If you want guidance on setting up a board of Young Advisors, contact us.