JULY 12, 2022

It’s Not The Great Resignation, It’s The Great Standup

Have you heard this term, “the Great Resignation”?

It’s a trend that started during the Pandemic, but continues today, where employees are voluntarily resigning from their jobs in huge numbers.

“Experts” give causes such as wage stagnation, the rising cost of living, job dissatisfaction, safety concerns over COVID-19, and remote-work policies.

This may be true for the broader culture, but for Black people, the “Great Resignation” is really “The Great Stand Up.”

During the craziness of the pandemic many of us had an opportunity to pause. We got some perspective on our employers.

And we realized our worth and value.

We recognized that most employers are just paying lip service to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

We have always known that we want equity, opportunity, empowerment, healthy cultures, and a sense of belonging, and now we’ve realized we have choices.

Every day here at OAIB, we are seeing individuals realize that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

People of Color are realizing that we should work on things we are passionate about, with people who help us feel psychologically safe, where we can be authentic and aligned with our true selves and purpose.

But most employers don’t offer this. They may say they do, but they don’t.

People are standing up.

And walking out.

And they’re taking their personal intellectual property, the company’s institutional knowledge, with them.

And here’s the most unfortunate part.

Many organizations are now leaning heavily on inexperienced managers who are not equipped or trained to support others – which only increases resentment and resignations.

They’re actually missing a grace period to give their employees choice and voice – and become a destination employer who actually benefits from the Great Stand Up.

We can make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us. We can help.