NOVEMBER 20, 2023

Transparency Leads To Inclusivity

Too many leaders I know feel they need to have all the answers. Not only that but they need to be perceived as having all the answers.

They feel they need to know the path forward before sharing it with their team.

They feel they need to know the source of a problem.

Sometimes it’s as simple as feeling they always need the “right” answer or they won’t say, do, or act at all.

Living like this must be exhausting.

Here’s the amazing thing, though. There are incredible benefits to being transparent about what you don’t know.

One of my coaching clients was stressed out at work. She put a tremendous amount of pressure on herself.

Her self-pressure came from feeling that she had to be right, get it right, and be seen as right. She hated nothing more than to be caught in a mistake or bad decision.

We did a lot of self-work on why this was so.

Yes, it was partially because as a Black Woman, she knew she had to work twice as hard to get half as far. She knew the smallest mistake would be weaponized.

But she also internalized this as a fear, to the point where she wasn’t advancing because she stopped herself before she started.

I asked her the Breakthrough Question: Who do you have to be to transform yourself and your organization so you can produce extraordinary results?

She realized she needed to take off the mask she was hiding behind.

By being transparent about what she didn’t know, she could relax into her true self, her true power.

And you know what happened?

She asked for help.

Which actually built trust in those around her.

This is amazing to see…

When you are transparent about what you don’t know, you actually invite inclusivity, because you’re open to other people’s opinions.

You get more engagement from your team because they have an opportunity to step up and help.

There’s power in realizing you don’t have to know everything.

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