AUGUST 12, 2022

What’s Your Anchor?

I have written many blogs about the work experience of Black people, including undue pressure, colonial thinking, hazing, and experiencing tokenism as “the only” in the room.

Also, about how we sometimes don’t have a work community or have to codeswitch or are told we have to be careful, and more.

And that’s just on the interpersonal level. Add in politics and pandemics, and it’s no wonder, People of Color are standing up and walking out.

I want to share a technique I use for checking myself, to make sure my mental health is where it should be, and to ensure my life remains aligned with my purpose and passion.

In our C.L.E.A.R. Coaching Program, I tell my clients to identify their anchors.

Your anchors are what ground you and hold you steady, like a ship offshore. The tide changes and the wind blows, but the anchor keeps the ship aright.

Anchors can be things like:

  • Message or meditation time to quiet your mind, so you can hear your inner-most thoughts
  • Journaling to write down your deepest thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions
  • Prayer to allow the universe to speak to and through you
  • Therapy or Coaching from a professional or personal confidant, mentor, or sponsor
  • Ensuring your head and heart are aligned, and trusting your gut!

I encourage you to think about what your anchors are before you need them.

Knowing what helps you stay steady when the storms blow, can recover when you need it the most.

When stress is high, you can ask yourself:

  1. Are my head and heart in alignment? If not, then why?
  2. Is what I’m working on serving me? Does it align with my aim and purpose?
  3. Am I operating by someone else’s authority or mine?
  4. Am I happy being who I am?

If you’re out of alignment, that’s a clear indicator to go back to your anchor and get grounded.

Both personally and professionally, my anchor is my voice.

What holds me steady is having a voice, my voice.

When I can speak my mind, I know I have options, the ability to say yes or no…for me.

If someone tries to take away my voice, or speak for me, I don’t let them.

As long as I have my voice, I have my power, and nothing can push me off-shore.

What’s your anchor?

If you don’t know, check out our C.L.E.A.R. Coaching Program, and let us help you transform into your best, most effective, most fulfilled self.